Scope of application

The terms and conditions laid out in the present document shall apply to the relationship between the visitor (hereinafter designated as “Client”) and Shantivillas from the moment the reservation is requested until the period of accommodation terminates.
With regards to any matter not dealt with in these Terms and Conditions, the existing Portuguese legislation shall apply.

II. Reservations cancellation policy

1. If the request for cancellation of the Reservation is made until 1 month before the entrance- we will give 100% of the amount paid.
2. If the request for cancellation of the Reservation is made until 2 weeks before the entrance- we will keep with 50% of the amount.
3. If the request for cancellation of the Reservation is made until 1 week before the entrance- we will keep 75% of the amount.
4. If the request for cancellation of the Reservation is made 2 days before the arrival day we will keep 100% of the booking.

III. Arrival and departure

1. Shantivillas shall provide the Client with a Villa in the category reserved from the date of arrival or, if the Client has not made a reservation and hires the accommodation at the company office, according to the category intended and availability, from 16h00 and, at the latest, from 17h00 of the day of the entry.
2. Upon arrival the Client must immediately pay the price charged for the Villa, number of nights and additional services.
3. On the date of departure the Client must leave the villa vacant and free of all personal belongings and without any damage or loss until 10h00.
5. If the Client does not leave the room by 10h00 of the day of departure, a compensation fee corresponding to the price of a one-night stay at the guesthouse will be immediately charged; the client only has the right to use the villa during that period if the company has villas available, if not the client shall have to pay the compensation fee and vacate the room as soon as possible.

IV. Animals

1. It is expressly forbidden to keep animals in Shantivillas.
2. Animals brought into the Villa by a Client gives Shantivillas the right to immediately terminate the contract with the Client and obliges the Client to leave without being reimbursed for the money already paid for the availability of the room during the length of stay contracted and the Client can incur in an indemnity request by Shantivillas.

V. Terms of use

1. Only those people indicated in the accommodation reservation shall have the right to use the Villa.
2. Clients must treat the Villa with care and consideration.
3. The Client must treat the other clients of the guesthouse with consideration and respect the rules displayed at the lodging house, which also form part of the accommodation contract.
4. Children less than 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult Client at all times during their stay at the guesthouse.
6. The Client is strongly recommended not to keep (when out of the guesthouse) any money, jewellery, objects of value or other valuable items in the guesthouse or in vehicles parked.
7. Shantivillas provides Clients with a safe, in the master bedroom, in which objects of value may be kept.
8. Shantivillas assumes no responsibility in case of theft, loss or deterioration of objects of value such as money, jewellery or other objects of considerable value if such events take place in the guesthouse or inside the vehicles parked at the parking lot.

VI. Access to the hotel room by Shantivillas

Shantivillas and its staff shall have the right to enter the guesthouse, during the Client’s stay, to conduct cleaning, repairs and similar tasks.

VII. Price of the stay and other prices

1. The price of the stay to be paid by the Client constitutes the compensation for making available the use of the guesthouse, during the period between arrival and departure.
2. The total price of the stay shall be charged per night, regardless of whether the Client actually made use of the Villa or spent the night there.
3. The applicable rates are the prices agreed or the price indicated on the Shantivillas price list in force at the date of conclusion of the contract. Shantivillas shall have the right to increase or decrease the prices if more than four months’ elapse between the date of reservation by the Client and the date of arrival or if there is any tax, visitors’ contributions or other charges that have been changed or introduced.
4. The rates and amounts indicated according to the terms and the accommodation contract are all plus VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

VII. Payment conditions

1. The price of the stay and prices of additional services must be paid in advance, at the moment when the Client arrives at the guesthouse, regardless of the invoicing date.
2. If the duration of the Client’s stay is not specified, the price of the stay and prices of additional services for each night must be paid in advance before 12h00.
3. In the case of stays without a specified departure date, failure to pay the price of the stay and additional services according to the terms of the previous paragraph results in the immediate termination of the contract and obliges the Client to immediately vacate the room and deliver it to Shantivillas free of people and personal belongings and in a good condition.
4. Rates for additional services, within the meaning of paragraph 1, will be, for example, charges relative to pool heating, extra bed and other charges that are not expressly included in the accommodation contract, but which form part of the total price of the stay.
5. Shantivillas accepts payment in Euros and bank transfers. Other means of payment shall only be permitted in exceptional cases, with consent from Shantivillas.

IX. Complaints relative to faulty material.

1. The Client must inspect the guesthouse immediately upon arrival and report any defects found.
2. Any defects that arise during the stay must be communicated as soon as the Client becomes aware of them.
3. After confirmation that there is in fact a defect in the Client’s Villa, Shantivillas has the right to choose between its reparation and putting the Client up in a Guesthouse that is at least of the same category contracted with the Client.
4. For the purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph, only serious defects that might call into question Shantivilla’s level of service and quality shall be considered, with Shantivillas not being obliged to take the necessary measures in the case of irrelevant, unreasonable complaints or related to details that do not collide with the minimum level of service contracted.
5. If Shantivillas is unable to repair the relevant defect or to substitute the Villa of the Client for another of an equivalent or superior category, said Client may terminate the contract and receive the price paid for the Villa, not being able to claim anything else from Shantivillas on whatever grounds.

X. Responsibility of Shantivillas

1. Shantivillas shall only be responsible for Client damages or losses when such facts result from culpable actions of Shantivillas.
2. Shantivillas does not assume any responsibility for the loss of data supplied by the Client in the event of an electronic transmission involving payment data, only being responsible in the case of culpable action.
3. Shantivillas does not assume any responsibility for damages or accidents occurred in the Guesthouse or any part unless such accidents stem from the culpable actions of Shantivillas.
4. Shantivillas shall not be considered responsible before the Client in the case of delay in the availability of the Villa provided there is a valid reason for the delay in the timely availability of the same.
5. For the purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph, the following shall be considered as valid reasons that make the availability of the room impossible or more difficult, namely: strikes, blockages, natural disasters, accidents in the room or hotel.
6. In the case of delay in providing a room after 19h00 on the reservation day, the Client may freely terminate the contract without Shantivillas being liable (on whatever grounds) to pay any compensation.
7. Shantivillas does not assume any responsibility for the acts of any employee of the company, unless such acts take place within the normal working hours of the duly identified and uniformed employee.
8. Shantivillas does not assume any responsibility and cannot, in any case, be held liable for noncompliance of accessory obligations.
9. Shantivillas cannot, in any case, be held responsible for any act or omission of any other Client, even if said act or omission may cause damages or losses to any other Client. Any damage caused to third parties by Clients of the guesthouse is the sole responsibility of said Clients and shall not imply any liability to Shantivillas.
10. Shantivillas does not assume any responsibility before the Client for any loss of profits or indirect damages even if arising from noncompliance with the main obligation.

XI. Notification requirement

In the event of theft or damage to property, or in the event of fire, damages caused by water or other damages to the guesthouse, the Client shall immediately inform the employees and do everything possible to help in solving the theft or repairing the damages.

XII. Termination of the accommodation contract

1. Shantivillas has the right to terminate the accommodation contract if the Client fails to pay the amount due in full and on time or does not provide the required guarantee.
2. The Client may notify the termination of the accommodation contract at any time during his stay until 19h00, with effect from 12h00 of the following day.
3. Any of the contracting parties may terminate the accommodation contract for serious reasons.
4. Shantivillas has the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract for serious reasons if the Client has any behaviour that affects good relationships, tranquillity or hygiene within the guesthouse, namely if during his stay at the guesthouse the Client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, uses the room to engage in prostitution, offends the guesthouse employees or any other clients, disturbs the peace of any other clients, or, has in the past made false (malicious) reservations and/or damaged or destroyed the guesthouse and its premises.

XIII. Data protection

1. The client is informed that his personal data will be stored and processed by Shantivillas and made available to Shantivillas member companies and some selected service providers, in accordance with the law, for the performance of the contract, for services involving the Client and its own advertisement campaigns.
2. The Client gives Shantivillas the right to use member companies and some selected service providers to process data and to transmit these personal data, under this section, to companies that store and process data.
3. The Client has the right to object, at any moment, to the use of his personal data for advertisement purposes by notifying Shantivillas of its intentions in writing.
4. Except where legislation so provides, the personal data of the Client shall be excluded when the accommodation contract ends and the legal retention periods have expired.
5. For full details of the data protection policy, please contact Shantivillas, Estrada Nacional 125 nº29 A, 8100-069 Boliqueime– Portugal.

XIV. General provisions

1. The Terms and Conditions govern the Client’s stay at the guesthouse and his use of the area.
2. No verbal agreement shall be made during the accommodation contract and any changes to the contract established by the parties shall necessarily be made in writing and signed by both parties, except in case of a unilateral declaration, which shall consist of a written document signed by the issuer.
3. Shantivillas shall have the right to employ third parties to comply with its obligations within the scope of the accommodation contract.
4. If part of this contract is declared null and void, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The invalid provision will be replaced by a valid one, as comes closest to the commercial and legal intentions of the parties or in case that is not possible, by the existing Portuguese legislation.

XV. Special conditions regarding trade fairs and special events

1.Shantivillas shall inform the Client about the dates of trade fairs and special events at any time of the request and in any case, by the reservation date or upon arrival at the latest. The following information applies to dates of trade fairs and special events, regardless, or in addition to the previous provisions.